Rope rings bars and , er, flags and dancing

04 Jul

Jut a little note about our experimental (sunday) rope rings and bars classes that looks at all things hanging, levers, flags, muscle ups: if it involves you whimpering like a kitten stuck up a tree, the chances are it will be on our agenda

We seem to have found an intertestig formula of inviting guest trainers along to run some of the sessions. A few weeks, Jon, one of our members shared some excellent Flag progressions with us.

This week, whilst ill run most of the session.  you will have the opportunity of chatting to Rachel, my Rope dancing teacher, who may well add a few  “rope things” to impress your mates: all on top of levers straddles, flags , pull ups, climbs, muscle up etc.

I would say that you do need to have a few pull ups. Lets say 5, to attend.

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