The Crossfit London Mobility class

31 Jul

Here is  a great date for your diary.

On the 18th August (saturday 1.30-2.30) Carolyn with close support from  Phil will trial our 1st ever mobility class aimed at teaching you the stretches and mobility drills you should be doing at home or before  (after) class.

So its always nice to have some insight into the motivations of the people teaching you: at your local  leisure centre, you get a disinterested “fitness instructor” wasting your time. At Crossfit London we bring you passionate experts.


Not sure where I would be without my mobility and flexibility. It gives me range of movement and awareness of where my body is when it moves.
Strength alone won’t just do you have to have the range of movement to able to finish off the movement. I think it’s one of the last things looked at when training, but one of the most important.


My interest in mobility originated in injury. An old break had never been a problem because my range of motion was deemed to be, “within functional limits”. Once I started training Crossfit however, I realized just how limited I was. My attempts to regain better movement to improve my performance and avoid future injury lead me to a Crossfit Mobility Certification and halfway across the world to Crossfit San Francisco to meet the founder of MobilityWOD. I try to use mobility work as a tool to help athletes better prepare, perform and recover from their training.


The class is in the class schedule, so get booking now.



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  1. I’ll have a chat with Phil and see what he thinks. I’m sure we can create something for the guys to take home and work on for themselves

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