THE perfect Monday WOD!

30 Jul

As I wound up my blinds this morning I was greeted with a GLORIOUS clear blue sky and all was good!

What more could you wish for on a Monday morning:

Clear blue skys…

Sun shining…

High volume Deadlifts…(3×8 @72.5% of WM)

Dynamic Effort Pull Ups… (EMOM for 7 mins, 3 pull ups@ 60% 1RM OR 3 negatives)


12 Min AMRAP of Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

(In pairs, 1 person performs as many SDHP with a 32/20kg KB in the time in takes the other person to perform 20 Grasshoppers, then rotate. Every 2 minutes, 100m shuttle run with your KB)

Rita and Bethan killed it on the lighter weight, plenty of work! Mac and Gideon chased the big boys Adam and Ruairi whilst they were cracking through reps on the 32KG! And Ben was not letting the girls get ahead of him by an inch! Good work everyone, and great to see you working together by the end of the WOD to make that run a little easier!

Hey check out Seb’s killer skills!


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