Thursday 26th July (pm)

27 Jul


I had three lovely ladies and a long time no see Phil. So we started of with air squats and appropriate drills to correct everyone’s technique. Then we have moved onto PVC overhead squat drills before jumping under a heavier bars. Well done to Lea, Audrea and Katie for sticking with it and getting better with each move.

Then the fun part: handstands. Importance on these is to pull from your midline rather than kicking up into it. So we drilled progressions and then got Lea and Katie to do their first handstand.

WOD classes:

After some reminders of front squat bar position and depth of the squat everyone had time to get to their working weight.
With the military precision we have completed 5 sets of 5 and 6th set of 5+ front squats with the 70% of your working weight (90% of your recent 1RM).

Then instead of doing drills with PVC I got the guys to drill the movement patterns with the bar before we have completed 5 sets of 3 power snatches with the 95% recent 1RM.

If you didn’t know your 1RM, then you have to work towards 5RM or 3RM. Easy…

WOD: (same for all classes)

1min of max DB snatches

1min max push ups

repeat 5 times

and here is how you’ve done:

Also warm welcome to Rupert who came back to us after 9months of traveling.

Well done all and see you on Saturday!

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