Tuesday 17th July (pm)

18 Jul

I was standing in for Tom tonight, he will be back to his usual mischief and mayhem next week.

This is what I brought to Tuesday.

10-1 Ladder

Pull ups


Push Press

Knees to Elbows

After a short and sweet warm up you set out bars and drilled your cleans and push press.

Weight was set no heavier then 42kg for men and 30 for girls.

I have to point out that Alex did and amazing performance tonight.

He smashed no thats not the right word, he obliterated every rep finishing in a jaw dropping 13 minutes 11 seconds. He had 42.5Kg on the bar and I promise you all the reps were valid full range bad boys!!!

Nice work for a 40yr old!!

The second mention has to go out to Miss Adrienne ‘The Beast’ Gin who had a bar set to 30Kg and didn’t use a band for one single pull up and knees to elbow was just that.

Well Done to everyone though as this was a stinker!


6 thoughts on “Tuesday 17th July (pm)

  1. Sally, I have no idea where that came from given the four days of all-night parties that I had just come back from. It has changed my opinion on preparation for WODs! Great fun.

  2. Oh and btw, it sucks at the time to get ‘no repped’ by a coach, but I think its better when the coachs do push for full-range-of-motion during the WODs. But obviously this is not always achievable for all.

    If Mr Shrago is around during WODs, he normally singles me out for heckling if my form does not look right (I always appreciate it Steven – I promise!). Maybe its just my OCD kicking in…..I can’t even lift a barbell unless the clips are absolutely identical!

  3. U were defo on form last night. Verging on ridiculous lol!
    I find its so much better for you to do full range. I would always want to be pulled up on it and I think some people get away with it too much. I don’t mean to be cruel, it’s for the greater good!! Promise.

  4. How about a 5 or 10 Burpee pen for a shoddy rep for th month of July and August – if you are going RX?

  5. Awe, thanks Pat. Well I have a set of inner scan scales that reckons my metabolic age is 23 (down from 38 when I joined Crossfit)…..so it must be down to Crossfit?

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