Wednesday 25/07/12

26 Jul

So Wednesday morning came, and so did my first official Crossfit London class, obviously very excitable and raring to go at 6:30am….here’s what we did

Power clean @ 95% of 1RM

We had a few guys who already knew what there 1RM was so they contently worked towards their 95%… with everyone else we decided that after their warm up sets we either worked up to a weight that was challenging enough to do 5×1 or get to a weight that we failed at and then knock about 5-10% off and go for 5×1…..all in all great work!


We also worked on some technique for ring dips, thank you very much to Samir for being my demo girl 🙂 introducing kipping into the mix was fun…

The WOD:

6 min AMRAP

8 Squat jumps

12 DB Push Press

16 Box Jumps


Well done everyone, it was nasty on the legs but great scores all round!

Mike, thank you for not letting your shoulders pop out, Rita nice work powering through your most hated thing, and welcome back Gideon….hope today isn’t too painful for you!

Thank you to everyone for making it such an easy first class to teach!


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