WOD July 11: Elizabeth for all!

11 Jul

Today we changed up the usual format a bit. Instead of prep work, we started class off with a set of 3 RM weighted pull ups with some ring dip practice thrown in as “rest” between reps.

Strength: 3RM Weighted pull up

warm up-warm up-3-3-3-3

After that, we moved on to some squat clean practice, and worked up to a weight for tonight’s workout, Elizabeth.

WOD: 15 min cut off



Squat cleans Rx’d Men: 60KG Women 43.5KG

Ring dips

I quite like Elizabeth. I thought we were good friends. Apparently, I’ve been a bit fresh with her lately because when I gave it a go earlier in the day, I was shut down with absolute ruthlessness.

Who knew workouts could hold a grudge?

On the other hand, everyone tonight threw themselves at her with abandon and we had some very impressive times and excellent finishes. The squat cleans have a tendency to make you forget to breath correctly, and maintaining control on the ring dips for that many reps taxes your ability to stay coordinated for the next set of squat cleans. Brilliant fun, well done to everyone who finished.

See you Saturday.

Arbitrary Awards:

“Watch them hang” To Philip: for having the most unorthodox weighting system of the day: Stuffing his short pockets with weights.

“The Return!” To Kat. Welcome back to Katarina and a huge congratulations on getting her degree. Now use your new found powers to make people weep tears of joy.

“MVP of the day” To Samir. Samir has one of the higher weight to power ratio’s of anyone I’ve seen recently. Weighted pull ups with 25% of his bodyweight? No problem. Work capacity? pfft, easy.

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