WOD July 15th: Muscle Up Madness

15 Jul

Muscle Up’s are fun, if annoying as hell. Just because you have double digit pull ups and ring dips doesn’t mean you won’t get stuck in the transition between the worst pull ups you’ve ever done, and the lowest ring dip you’ve ever done.

In an effort to address a few pieces of the muscle up, today we took a look at all the various pieces involved in the muscle up and worked on scaling it with a band. I was quite impressed with how well everyone picked this up and how well it translated once the bands were removed.

Once we had picked up and polished the muscle up skill, we tested it in a workout.


15 Min AMRAP

5 Muscle Ups

10 Front Squats

30 Double unders

To be fair, the 5 rep muscle up was a guideline for the animals who have multiple muscle ups already. For everyone else, I was looking for the cleanest scaled versions of a muscle possible. The scaled version worked quite well in the workout and still made everyone work. It was also fun, in that “Oh god when is this over” kind of way. I look forward to bringing it up again.

Well done today and I’ll see you all Tuesday.

Arbitrary Awards:

“PR of the day” To Adam. Adam has been working on getting his muscle up for about a year. Today he got it. He even rung the PR bell. (I’m very proud.)

“The Doppelgänger” To Chris. Chris has a body double at CFUK. In fact, they look so much alike that I am not the first coach to confuse the two. Obviously if the two of them were ever to step in the gym at the same time the world would implode.

“High Flyer” To Tim. Tim’s got good muscle ups, but when he gets tired, he goes from being stationary to moving laterally. Fine of your on a set of low rings, a bit unnerving if it’s a set of high rings. Still good muscle ups though.

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