WOD July 18: The Experiment.

19 Jul

Sidenote: If anyone found a green towel in the gym yesterday, a visiting Crossfitter forgot it. As clearly stated in a Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, towels are important. Drop me an email if you’ve seen it so we can reunite traveler and towel.

We’re testing some of the programming for the new classes and today was the regular classes turn to be guinea pigs. Feedback is important so drop me a line to let me know what your impressions were of today.

I also highly recommend that you download the spreadsheet by Steven here. They should do all the math for you and help you track your progress. Note: “Working Max” is the last 1 RM you have, not your all time best from 3 years ago. If you don’t have a 1RM, don’t worry. Be conservative with the weight you use, it’ll change in the next few weeks anyway. Also Note: We will not be doing Bench Press, it’s there because it’s part of the original graph.

We started off with some hip prep to get ready for the back squat. So now, any time you come it to a class and see the word “squat” anywhere, prep for those suckers.

Then off to part one of the day:

Warm up as needed.

@60% of 1RM Back Squat with minimal rest (1-1.5 mins)

Back Squat:

10-10-10-10-10+ (The last set must be 10 or more reps. BUT not more then 20.)

That’s quite a bit of volume. The idea wasn’t to lift to failure, the idea is to complete all the assigned reps while keeping a few in the tank. Even assuming that you underestimate how much weight you should use, after a few weeks, the weight adjusts based on performance.

Once the Squats were done, on to a bit of Olympic Lifting to get a big pull.

Either work up to 1RM Snatch OR 5 Snatch @95% 1RM

Warm up as needed: 1-1-1-1-1

We finished the day off with a bit of WOD prep as double under work before hitting the WOD.



Double Unders

Sit ups

I like Annie because it’s a simple yet still brutal workout. If you can’t breath on the double unders, it’s going to feel like getting hit by a truck. If you can breath, you get to rest less before the sit ups. The trick to going quickly is to make the double unders as efficient as possible, and to actively drive yourself away from the floor on the sit ups. Good times. I thought I had done quite well today because I PR’d by two minutes, but I had not one, but TWO athletes beat my best time by at least a minute.


Very well done everyone.

Let us know what you thought of today either by contacting me or via email and I’ll see you Thursday.

Arbitrary Awards:

“Best Encourager” To Mikkel. I like this guy. 1) He’s Danish, and the Danish are hilarious.  2) He finishes in 6:15 (Best time of the day.) AND he has enough breath left in him to cheer on the rest of the class. Stellar.

“Nick of Time” To Ibai. For finishing RIGHT at the last second. Excellent job sir.

“Survivor” To Tim. Poor Tim. This was one of Tim’s first classes with me. Good news, he survived with no permanent physical damage. Psychological is another story. But he performed well and even benched out double unders for the WOD. Well done sir.

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  1. phil – I have sent you some feedback but to Andrew as I got your email wrong. Good class – good for all rounders.

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