WOD July 22: Heavy deadlifts bright and early.

22 Jul

Today was the last day of testing before we roll out the new programming scheme.

To see what the heavier end of the workout load looked like, today we tested the last of the 3 rep max deadlifts, with plenty of time to rest between each rep.


50% x5

60% x3

70% x1

75% x1

80% x1

85% x1

90% x As Many As Possible

This is quite a bit of work and gets heavy really quickly. As for the last set.. As many as possible tends to be a bit of a stretch. If you’ve been working at the right working max, most people have about 3 reps in them before failure.

It’s a pretty high level of suck to be honest.

After wards, we moved on to some kipping pull up practice. As a general rule I’m a much bigger fan of strict pull ups, but it’s important to keep all our skills honed, so we made sure that everyone has good form on the bar and can bench out reps quickly and easily. Along with a “soft” buy in of 40 pull ups pre-WOD to get a bit of volume in.

Finally, WOD time:

“Freddy Krueger”

21-15–9  (10 min cut off)

KB Swings (32KG Men, 24 KG women)


I went a bit light when I first tried this, and I need to give it another try a bit heavier. Everyone who gave it a try managed to finish in sub 8, and some scary individuals did it in sub 5 as Rx’D, so big applause all around.

But then. Then came the ultimate humbler.


30 second L sit hold

30 second rest.

After Annie last week, I noticed that there was some struggle on the sit ups. Obviously, this is something to test, so a quite L-Sit hold should reveal any weakness!

The suffering. The AGONY.

Rest assured, we will practice L-sit holds until you do them and laugh the entire time under tension.

Because I care and want the best for you.

See everyone Tuesday.

Arbitrary Awards:

“Nervous Much?” To Alex M. I like Alex. I do. But sometimes, he sets himself up so well it would be a crime not to follow up on the joke. As per today. Thanks for keeping Sunday Interesting.

“Most Humbling” To Kat. Kat is always fun to train because I can usually persuade her to do something silly. Like use heavier weight then me. Which she not only does, she then does better then me. Way to keep me on my toes.

“Level Up” To Natasha. For scaling up on her pull ups today. Yes, certain bands are fun and interesting, but sometimes, variety is fun. Mixing things up is good. Well done on scaling up today.

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  1. my hands still hurt from that kettlebell. thanks phil for making me do silly things…again.

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