WOD July 25th: Enter “The Burner”

25 Jul

I had some food for thought today. Colin had pointed me in the direction of Crossfit Oneworld’s article “Work More, Rest Less”. (Well worth the read.) and the break down of work/rest ratio’s in workouts got me thinking. So did the concept of “The Burner”

But more on that later.

First things first, in keeping with our new programming we did some power clean review and then launched into the goodness:

Power Cleans

1-1-1-1-1 @ 95% of 1RM


Establish 1RM

Knowing your 1RM on the Olympic lifts is going to be more important in the coming months, so if you don’t have a recent (last month or so) valid (Read: Quality) 1RM, it’s important to get a better idea of where you are. Always err on the side of caution and go lighter if needed, but too light won’t get you the stimulus you need, while too heavy will cause you to fail and develop bad habits.

The Power Cleans done, it was off to a bit of Ring Dip practice. Personally, I only ever do strict ring dips, but I do concede that there is such a thing as a “kipping” ring dip, and that it does have a purpose while in certain competitive events and as a tool for working on sticking points on the way up on a ring dip. We played with a few different techniques and got some work in before moving on to the Not So Goodness.

WOD Prep


3 Thursters

Max unbroken double unders.


“The Burner”

8 mins. Every Minute on the Minute

5-7 Thrusters (Men 40KG Women 30KG)

Max Double Unders

Score: Total Thrusters + Total Double Unders.

The idea behind the burner is a workout that is short, brutal, and scaled to allow you to move constantly. It begs the question: How much of the rest you take is necessary?

Mid workout it’s horrific, but the recovery period is actually quite short and while I don’t plan on throwing these out too regularly, the new programming tries to pair shorter workouts with the tougher strength/Olympic lifting sessions so I will toy with these a bit.

See everyone Sunday.

Arbitrary Awards:

“Most understated PR” To Linsay. Linsay hit a new 1RM power clean tonight. Her reaction: “Oh? That’s more then I’ve ever done. Huh.” Had she not contained her enthusiasm, there might have been an injury.

“Rope Loves Me” To Tom. Tom’s jump rope decided that the floor was too far away from him during the workout and kept trying to climb on his bar during thrusters. Very “Toy Story”

“Best Victory” To Kat. Kat has a contest with her co-workers of who can do more unbroken double unders. The club record had been 60 by Kat for 3 days, before her co-worker did 62. That morning I did 82 (PR!) and felt safe in my new found glory… Until Kat came into class and did 84. Well played.

“The Walking Wounded” To Alex and Colm. Every class, these guys give me comedy gold. Today during the PVC warm up, the pain and agony from their side of the room had everyone holding back laughter. Brilliant.

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