WOD Sunday July 9th: How many straight?

08 Jul

Let’s be honest.

10:30AM on a Sunday, or (god forbid) 9:30AM is early. You’re probably a bit rough from yesterday. All you really want to do is hide in bed.

But assuming you manage to drag yourself out of bed and over to the gym, you then have to put up with a loud, overtly enthusiastic coach (that’s me) who you are convinced is trying to murder you with exercise (I swear I’m not).

Hangovers and insomnia aside, today we had fun looking at a bit of a weird maximum rep test = The 15 rep overhead squat.

Most people have seen either a “1 RM” or a “5 RM” overhead squat, but usually those two numbers tend to stay away from each other. However, as fatigue brings errors to light, it’s an interesting experiment to try to see what fails in an athlete and in what order.

First off was some basic mobility prep to get into a better bottom position in the squat, and after some basic technique refreshers, we went to work:


Overhead Squat.

Warm up- Warm up -Warm up 15-15-15-15

Most failures happened in the 10+ range. The biggest problem was loss of muscular tension and then seeking some type of structural (read skeletal) tension. Your body essentially thinks, “I lost tension in my midsection, but I can always find tension in the spine!” which leads to some bad over arching, weird shoulder positions etc. The goal is to try to maintain as tight and as stable a position as possible during the entire movement, and working on maintaining tension even while you do important things. Like breath.

After the overhead squat, we moved on to the workout:


Tabata 8 Rounds

Pull ups (strict)

Push ups

Sit ups


Tabata’s hurt, but they are fun. Especially when you start to rack up triplet digits. As some people noticed, I seem to have a thing for strict pull ups at the moment. As I’ve had some time off, my total number of strict pull ups has dropped considerably. It’s one of the skills I’m currently happily working on improving, and it would be selfish for me to keep it to myself.

See you Wednesday.

Arbitray Awards:

“The Alexi!” To Green Alex and Orange Alex. Alexi for short. Beware, when their powers combine, you get super Alex. I want them on my team.

“Super Badass Ninja Chick” To Rachel. Rachel teaches people how to do things on rope usually seen in the circus. One handed inverted full split on a rope? How pedestrian. She also has more strict pull ups then most guys. Beware.

“The Sailor.” To Colm. To my knowledge, Colm isn’t a sailor, but he sure can swear like one. It’s good to have you back Good Sir.

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