WOD Sunday July 29: Sunday Oddities.

29 Jul

Sundays are great.

They not only allow me a bit more freedom in programming and experimenting with different skills, but 9:30 to 11:30 AM on a Sunday is early. It takes a special kind of person to be at the gym that early.

That special kind of person, I can usually throw all kinds of oddities, and they don’t seem to mind. Obviously, I take full advantage and test out some tougher skills or workouts.

Today’s oddity was two fold:

Snatch Balance, and Headstand practice.

Snatch Balance:

With the new programming we drill the pulls of the Snatch very regularly, but the receiving position can still cause issues. The Snatch Balance lets you practice catching the bar under load and making sure you’re actually stable in each position.

Snatch Balance:


The goal wasn’t to go too heavy, the goal was to learn to drop under the bar as quickly and as correctly as possible to address any stability issues.

Then off to some headstand practice.

The headstand is a progression to work into handstand push ups, once you have an athlete in a headstand, you can test how solidly they can maintain mid-line stability and how much control they have. We’ll address this a bit more at a later date.

Then, off to the workout:

“Box Jump Helen” 15 Minute Cap

3 Rounds

40 Box Jumps

21 KB Swings @ 24KG

12 Pull ups

Today, I was more interested in speed then with strength work, so kipping pull ups were allowed. (Shocking. I know) Everyone went for it hard and we saw some impressive times all around, quite a few sub 10’s, a few 12’s. Most everyone finished within the time cap and (interestingly) in waves.  Very impressive performance to everyone and I’ll see you all Wednesday.

Arbitrary Awards:

“Blasphemy!” To Adnan. Adnan dared suggest that the soundtrack to The Dark Knight Rises wasn’t epic training music. Obviously sir, you are mistaken and you do know understand the level of epic that is this movie. Tom will back me up.

“The Machine” To Mikkel. What’s Danish for the Machine? Because I think that’s what I’m calling Mikkel from now on. Not only did he get one of the top times of the day (8:23), he did so while swinging a 32KG Kettlebell.

.”The Troopers” To the 10:30 Class. I set time limits on workouts to protect people from themselves, but once in a while, someone actually ASKS PERMISSION to suffer longer. I was very impressed with everyone’s performance.

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