WonderBar! ONE: Strength training for women. 7 July 2012

08 Jul

If it was possible to top the first Crossfit London women-only strength training event back in May, then WonderBar! ONE managed to do it. Three hours of drills, then taking the learning process over to the squat rack and pull-up rig to get a real-world taste of  weights.

For most of the 14 ladies who attended, it was an introduction to a hitherto unknown world of bumper plates, safety bars, bands – and yes – the world exclusive WonderBar! Curtsey School!

It should be acknowleged that those of us who already know and love Crossfit (and Crossfit London in particular), know our gym is unique. It’s one of the few spaces where men and women can and will train side by side, doing identical workouts, and feel their sense of “cool” fully satisfied. Equally, men and women’s confidence is boosted, and men and women’s egos get bruised! Those who stick with it realise Crossfit is something special.

But women-only training together is something special too. I’d like to thank all the ladies who stepped up to the challenge of taking on back squats, presses, deadlifts, pullups, knees to elbows, toes to bar… and to reassure you there’s plenty more where that came from:

Check out WonderBar! TWO

A huge thanks to fellow trainers Sally Moss, Carolyn and Deborah for their fantastic work and unflagging enthusiasm. Good job everyone!

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