You should probably be wearing weightlifting shoes…

24 Jul

We seem to spend an inordinate amount of time talking about footwear in CrossFit. Be it minimalist, barefoot running technology or the latest light-weight, flat-soled shoe, everyone has an opinion.

A significant proportion of the movements that we use in CrossFit depend on the connection between your foot and ground. Remember trying to squat in a pair of chunky running shoes? Yes, that is what I mean!

Ultimately our “recommendation” is a for a light weight, flat soled shoe (of the type that Inov-8 specialise in). They are great all-rounders and should suit nearly all sorts of workout.

So why recommend a pair of specialist weightlifting shoes? Because they do two important things much better than a general training shoe:

1. They create a rock-solid connection with the ground: No fighting your shoes for balance, no slowly rocking on your heels, no instability from the floor.

2. They raise the ankle up by roughly an inch: Doesn’t sound like much, but the corresponding changes to your shin, knee and hip angle will allow you to go deeper into your squat which is very useful for the olympic lifts

If you are serious about working on your barbell movements, squats and olympic lifts in particular, then you can’t go wrong with a pair of decent lifting shoes – you will notice the improvement immediately. Just make sure that you retain your other shoes for when we go running!

Special offer for CrossFit London clients from Sugar Rays

Online outlet Sugar Rays have been kind enough to grant CrossFit London clients a 10% discount on their range of weightlifting shoes. They do a few models, but I would recommend the Adidas Power Perfect II as the best balance of quality to affordability. These are the same shoes as worn by Coach Sally and the model up from the ones that Andrew and I wear.

The Do Wins are also a viable option. Coaches Tom and Kat own a pair of these (although sadly you won’t be able to get their limited edition Twilight Sparkly Vampire colour scheme from Sugar Rays).

In order to claim your 10% discount you will need to phone up (0846 260 6226), ask for Ian, and tell him that you are a CrossFit London member.

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  1. Should we be using weightlifting belts? I seem to remember being told/reading somewhere that, with correct form, they’re unecessary. But, from photos and videos on various Crossfit/Crossfit-related sites, my impression is that there’s an increase in the numbers of people wearing them.

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