3rd August. Friday fun.

03 Aug

Todays fun kicked off with some handstand  push up “tekkers”, where we cycled through the piked press, onto boxes, brught in some dumbbells to increase the range of motion, while trying to remember the lesson from the dish, and “that” lean back drill. The one that make you shake like a misguided poodle in season.

we looked at both the power and squat clean, as always offering all a smorgasbord approach to the lifts comparing triple extension with the catapult, the lift to pockets with a shove of the knees forward to “properly” achieve the double knee bend. So wecspent 10 minutes building up to a 1 rep max squat clean, then mulled over what a “heavy” power clean meant .

Then it was onto the WOD. A 10 minute amrap of 3 heavy power cleans, 5 strict pull ups, 5 ring dips with a turnout at the top.

Good Job

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