6th August Monday pm

07 Aug

After an awesome weekend at the Olympic’s it was the turn of the Monday pm Crossfit Crew!

We started off with Power cleans @ 75% of a working max.

3 reps in each set with a total of 6 sets.

Nick was loving his new oly shoes and made some good catches in them so money well spent.

Right on to the main event, the wod.

There were a few groans at the sight of it on the board but once you all grew a pair and set up, your game faces were on.

The wod went like this………..

5 rounds of

400m run/row

21 Front squats

The weight increased each round and I gave 5kg as a good target to increase by.

Ladies started at 20kg while blokes started at 25/30.

We had some awesome times but Tom.C smashed it.

Tom using the bar to hang his tee-shirt on!
Tom using the bar to hang his tee-shirt on!


In Olympic stylee we had USA in bronze position, Australia took silver but Team GB stole the Gold with Tom’s awesome time of 14m 40!

Go GB !

Well Done to everyone for a fun close to Monday. See you next time.

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