A back pack full of suck: Friday night’s WOD

10 Aug

Ive been jealous. Yes I have!!

Chris brings a lovely cuddly puppy  to his sessions, Sally sometimes rocks up with Baby (i can hang off a bar Mummy) Sebastian”. I decided  I too would bring something to my classes

I bought a “back pack full of suck”.

30 double unders

15 wall ball

1 power snatch to 10 overhead squat

Amrap 15 minute

Preceded by some back squats and power snatch strength stuff.

Well team UK: here was the award tally.

Inhuman “chap of the day” went to Tom with Back squats based on a 215kg 1 rep max… thats heavy. Top Girl Accolade tied jointly between Abbie  of the 6pm class and Deborah at the 5pm.Too close to call. Inspirational efforts.

Daniel picked up the  The  “Top  visiting Professional Tennis Player Award” while Matt literally kicked ass to secure the coveted   ” Toughest American Biology Student To Visit Crossfit London Thus Far This  Year” award storming in with a phenomenal 5 rounds and a few wall balls.

I would say  “Whoot  whoot”.  But this is Crossfit London UK!  Instead I’ll sign off with an inspirational ” those chaps, jolly well done. Spiffing job.”

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