Bodyweight ninja’s club!

08 Aug

Harry Tuesdays at CFL saw a max effort front squat set at 85% of a WM where everyone pretty much got to 10 reps or over, if you didn’t guys then you should maybe question if that is an accurate 85% of WM or know that you have to work on the muscular endurance i:e sticking to heavy weights during WODs as typically the reps I higher than you would do in a conventional strength set!

Skill work for WOD…


20 min AMRAP
10 pistols
15 pull ups

Now the lesson we took from this WOD is that yes although 2/3 of the movements are a little more technical than what we usually see but they are still bodyweight movements all the same! And as a capable human being you should be able to carry the weight of your body through space. Gymnastics is the foundational strength you MUST have, get good at it!

Extremely good effort whatever your scaling though guys! As always!

Now on Saturday we have the giant london WOD, now this is solely my fault that this wasn’t pushed sooner but if anyone would like to get involved in a good old social CrossFit Event which will involve doing a WOD at several key locations in London then finishing up at CFCL for the final part of the WOD and a good old bbq then either get in touch with me or just come down to Crossfit Central London obviously sporting you CrossFit London UK T-shirt! £15 buy in for the WOD, £10 for the bbq, meat n beer supplied!

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