Crossfit London i-Course 19th August

19 Aug

Another fantastic day zoomed past at the Crossfit London i-Course, as a mixed group of absolute beginners and those already experimenting with Crossfit, worked with a group of Crossfit London trainers and began the process of mastering the Olympic lifts, handstands and muscle ups.

What’s the Crossfit London secret?

1) It’s core is teaching excellence based on logical progressions that almost anyone can master.  The skill of our trainers is they break things down and have infinite patience. We have an unerring love and belief in teaching the basics well.

2) We have a phenomenal teaching team, educated to degree level and beyond, all with a fabulous variety of life experience: we have youthful exuberance mixed with the wiseness of the over 50’s

3) Our instructors travel the world adding to their Crossfit skills, both by attending Crossfit certifications and by attending  other “interesting” regimes (be it Poliquin, Chek, Westside, Rippetoe, etc..)

4) We work not only to Crossfit standards but are also accredited by Skills Active, which means many of our masterclasses (the i-Course included) carry R.E.P.S. CPD points (but are open to all)

5) We have the advantage of longevity. Our senior instructors have been Crossfitting since 2005,long before it was “trendy” or “cool”. We used the time to work out how to teach this stuff well.

6) We absolutely love teaching this stuff. Hopefully it shows!

So a big “Well Done” to the group who gave us their attention and patience as we made them squat snatch clean, pull up, dip, handstand and muscle up (all with appropriate and safe scaling!)

CrossFit London iCourse attendees, August 2012
CrossFit London iCourse attendees, August 2012

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