Enter The Lab’

11 Aug

Saturday 11th August 2012

Here at Crossfit London UK we have started a new coordinated strength and conditioning program.  Constantly varied does not mean totally random.  I have witnessed a continued evolution of the Crossfit program.  Many boxes now program a strength element along with a conditioning WOD.  Its pretty much the norm.  But what is the perfect system?  I don’t know, there certainly is no one size fits all.    But bare with us and come along for the ride….


Dead Lift at 80%

1×5, 1×3, 1×2, 1×1, 1x AMAP

3x max strict pull ups (weighted if you are hitting double figures)



Kettle Bell Swings 24/16kg

Knees To Elbows


This is a medium conditioning wod with a 15 minute cut off



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