Foundations 21st August

21 Aug

After being away for a week it was nice to return back to my foundations.

We have started with drilling the set up position of deadlift and making our way up through warm up weights all the weight up to heavy sets of threes. I have given the guys two main cues: push knees outwards into your elbows and keep head neutral in line with the spine.
Unfortunately this is something we need to remember and the only way to do so is to do 5 burpees eveytime the head is lifted in the deadlift. So tonight Chris and Patrick set up a great example and next time they will remember for sure.
Then we did 5 sets for max push ups. Well done to Wendy as she got 26 in first round.

WOD: 30x dumbbell complex of:
push up, squat clean, push press, thruster
with the 10mins cut off time.


Well done all and see you next week!

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