Game On

31 Aug

In addition to Tom’s Saturday morning team trial practise session I, Sally ‘Tough Chick’ Dixey will be running a mid-week session catching up on all the material covered on Saturday.

I will be training alongside you as well as taking us through competition technique and standards.

Expect This……….

The class WILL be TOUGH.

Scaling at this level is most frowned upon. You should want to push yourself out of your comfort zone and be prepared to work hard!

You can cry just don’t be a baby about it!

If this sounds like your cup of tea then I will see you next Wednesday 8.30pm

Bring your games faces people!


One thought on “Game On

  1. so guys and girls are you tough enough?

    Do you fancy a trip to wales (3/4th November) for the next competition.Are you curious about your capabilities? well, you have 2 classes, Sallys on wed (8.30pm) and toms saturday early bird at 8am…….

    But I should say that if you want to “make the team” you dont have to go to these sessions, we will do an extra open selection, end sept/early oct. These sessions will give you a big advantage.

    That said, we see the team as useful extra pathway for our members: dont feel pressurised to compete if you dont want to. If you want to, we will be there 100% for you

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