How fit do you need to be to start Crossfit London beginners classes?

18 Aug

One of the fantastic things about Crossfit is its ability to be scaled. If you cannot do a pull up, we can give you a band, if 100 kilos is too heavy to deadlift 21 times, we can give you 80, or 60, or 40, or a pvc bar.

But, the  reality is that, up till now, Crossfit London  has been predominantly  been used by “active” people to get fitter. Their present activity, (or sports) have opened their minds enough to begin searching for solutions to their  problems. Most of our successful trainees have a “sport” or a history of receiving physical instruction ( ie they have learned to shut up and listen, but give feedback too), or they have spent some time watching Crossfit videos, looking at  our website, and want to be able to “do that”

I suspect that  for some one who is unfit and sedentary  but now  “wants to get fit” and has us on a general  list along with Pilates Zumba and Boxercise, we are probably not the best  first choice.

So, what will you have to do in a beginners session?

Most have a squat workshop. To put  that in non- Crossfit terms,  we will have you standing up and sitting down to an imaginary loo, say 50 times in 10 minutes. So, go to your  loo, begin to sit down as if you are going to have a poo, but imagine the seat is incredibly dirty (let your imagination run wild. I’m talking”rank”). So dont rest your bum at the bottom, come straight back up again, do it five times. Rest 30 seconds, do it (ie 5 loo lowers) 9 more times. That possibly resembles the first 10 to 15 minutes of a Beginner’s class. The coach will be teaching you how to do that move (you will hear “knees out” “chest up” and a cascade of ridiculous fanciful cues to hep you learn “what goes where”) And then there’s still 45 minutes left! Depending on the session we will vary the squat, get you to press stuff over your head. pick stuff off the floor, learn how to pull up.

So. in terms of fitness challenge,  I suppose,  get 2 shopping bags, walk to a supermarket about 500 to 1000m away from your home, buy a week’s shopping (say, 10 kilos worth) then carry it home.

Imagine combining 50 loo lowers in 10 minutes followed by the walk, shop, weighted walk back (no, you cannot use Tesco home delivery!) Now get back and put the shopping away. For good measure,  jump up and down on the spot 1o times. If you can either do this, or know you can, you are good to start our beginners programme . If you are already quaking with fear at the thought,  but have fallen in love with Crossfit, book onto a personal training session.

So, to our existing members, is this fair?


3 thoughts on “How fit do you need to be to start Crossfit London beginners classes?

  1. Brilliant! Btw that ‘loo’ cue helped a lot of crossfiters I thought to remember that we squat most of a time of a day and they have thought of me every time they had a poo. Weird? FACT!

  2. I think that’s very fair! I keep trying to explain to friends that anyone can take up CrossFit, and before they know it they’ll be doing crazy exercises they never thought themselves capable of. Handstand pushups anyone?

    It might also be worth pointing out in this context (“Who can start CrossFit London Beginner classes?”) that some of the best, friendliest, and most patient instructors I’ve ever met are at CrossFit London.

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