Interesting weightlifting targets for Crossfit London

14 Aug

For those of you  at Crossfit Londonwho want to measure your Olympic lifts against dedicated specialists, here are the present British Records according to British weightlifting for  Masters Men and Masters Women in the snatch and the Clean and Jerk.

3 thoughts on “Interesting weightlifting targets for Crossfit London

  1. Wow. If I lost 3 kg and did my best lifts – I’d hold the British record for my age group! There must be loads of Crossfitters out there who could smash these records.

  2. Ok that depressed me massively (assuming I’ve not read incorectly)

    I’m now 28 so below guy has at least 7 years on me. I weigh 7 kilos more than him and thats only because it’s running season, in winter I’d weigh more.

    He absolutely smashes my best lifts

    YOUNG Clive

    56kgs 72.5snatch 102.5 c and j

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