Jerk it….

08 Aug



Good morning shoulders!!!

What more do you want on a Wednesday morning than an overlly bubbly northerner at 6:30am and a bit of shoulder action?!

We started off nice and gently with a bit of pressing working up to 90% of your 1RM and then trying to get as many out as possible, after some lovely overhead positions and our midline fired up to go….we moved on the the clean and jerk at 60% of  your 1RM…apart from the exception of the lovely Mike and Gideon who were obviously so overly excited to start the WOD, (once the realised, they did stop) everyone did a stellar job with some great clean and jerks happening everywhere…Now for the WOD


5 Rounds for time

9 Deadlifts

6 Hang power cleans

3 Push Jerks

* 3 burpee penalty if anyone dropped the bar mid round

Apart from Gideon telling me he was going to hate me tomorrow, fun had by all, good work guys, solid efforts….and not too many burpees!


Over and out!


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