Manne’s munching

30 Aug
I keep on checking out some of the recipes that Crossfit London member  Manne has been putting on his own site, and I think its worth a look.
Here are some of the things he has been experimenting with
According to Manne ” The no bake nut slice is delicious. Almond crackers a bit on the dry side, but with a good dip they rock. Really crunchy.”
Manne also suggest you check these “Protein Noodles” out.
Not a lot of flavour on their own, but really soaks up the sauce of whatever they are served with…
And here is a staple favourite:
All I  can say is that  Im looking forward to the food that will be brought for the BBQ on the 8th September, to which you are all invited ( bring food, bring booze, bring Andrew some better jokes…. bring a cuddle for Kate who will be 50 something)

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