Max Efforts

03 Aug

Saturday 4th August 2012 The Olympics are in full swing and I have been blessed with the chance to see them live and when I can’t, glued to the TV.  Its better than I imagined it would be. A lot of competitive sport is about an all out max effort.  Training is conducted in the high percentiles of effort to prepare the body and mind for the one that counts.  Maximum efforts are horrible, some find them terrifying some just revel in them. When I competed, I found them quite rewarding it reinforced that you can go beyond what you are accustomed to. So…. WOD Five 2 minute rounds with 2 minutes rest, of 25 SDLHP 24/16kg followed by maximum burpees.  You score this by counting your total burpees.  IT IS ONLY 2 MINUTES! OK!?

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