Monday 20th August (pm)

21 Aug

Why is it so hard? Answer because it’s Crossfit lol

Was the question asked in two separate classes tonight.

It was a stinker of a wod!

First things first the strength section……

The night was kicked off with snatch drills with a PVC before breaking out on the bars and working up to 80% of a working max. 5 sets of 3

I was impressed with the partner work. All the classes were super busy which meant I was on my toes so it’s always good to hear you helping out each other.

Great team work.


Moving swiftly onwards it was back squat…

8 reps 3 sets at 72.5%

Repping out on the last set but leaving 2 in the tank.

Now the fun bit……..


Handstand push ups

Ring dips

Push ups



The aim was work through with good form and technique I didn’t care if you didn’t finish. I wanted it done properly!


Well done crew impressive work.



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