Monday Morning…

06 Aug

A few no shows but I suppose that’s expected after the weekend Great Britain had!

This morning we worked on heavy tekkers on Power Cleans

6x 3 @ 75% WM

Again, some points coming up…people trying to man handle the bar the front rack position and  pulling before the hips extend Keep your flipping arms straight until you have used your hips you bullies!

Our WOD this morning was partially inspired by Team GB’s success over the weekend!

For time:

30 Front Squats @ 70%

800m Run

Tom was quite shocked at how this workout turned out! Guaranteed he wasn’t the only one!

We polished up with some simple kipping pull up drills, that turned out to be very helpfully for a visitors, Russ and Patty from California who are here to watch the Olympics and watch Team GB smash the yanks! Great to have you guys working with us!

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