Rope Rings and Bars

05 Aug

Well done to the rope  and rings class at crossfit london UK. Here is the outline of your plan for the week. Try and get 2 extra practise sessions in before next week. You’ll need to self solve the issue of parallets.

The flag handstand hold seems to be the most problematic drill to set up. What  we didn’t  stress enough is to treat the entry as a handstand ( ie  1 leg then the other) , not as a slow lift from the tuck position.

For the “moves” aim for 2 to 5 holds at each level for up to 6 seconds ( say 1 to 2 minute rest). Even “passing through” the position can be helpful.

Attempt to increase the “dish” conditioning to  3 sets of 15.20 …45 seconds, as long as you are tight.

Well done all. Great to meet Kat’s work colleague Phil. It was a privilege to have guest presenter Jon along to lead us through the flag component. Rachel is back next week so we can start work on the front balance

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  1. Good to meet you too! Not going to be able to make this week due to work. But should be able to make it back the week after. Thanks very much for the introduction and encouragement though.

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