Squat cleans and bananas…

23 Aug

Wednesday morning fun happens again!

Today was the day of squat cleans….what more do you want in a morning?! So we started with a bit of prep and a reminder of how to create a lovely neat clean as I’ve got OCD…I like neat work! 🙂 We worked up to 80% of our 1RM and and did 5 sets of 3 reps….great work from everyone, some really good, solid lifting

Then I was given freedom!!!! ‘Ab Work’….this just opens up a world of pain for anyone and everyone! So for todays play time we did….Turkish Getups, by numbers….needless to say the group would should not audition for syncronised swimming or a dance group! But great effort by all and no one gave up

The WOD consisted of:
12 min AMRAP
6 Heavy Deadlifts
12 Box Jumps
9 Pull ups

Great scores all round and I didn’t see anyone stop working for a second!

What we learnt from today was…don’t eat eggs and a shake before a 6:30am class :-s a banana will do!!!

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