Thursday 9th August (pm): FGB

10 Aug

At the beginning I have split the class into two halves and as a part of skill/warm up we went through the HSPU proggressions and ring dips. Then it was onto a mini warm up where half the class completed 5 HSPUs EMOM for 4 minutes and another half tabata ring dips/hollow holds. Then they’ve swapped places.

Tonight we had programmed one of the longer WOD Fight gone bad. The classes were again split into half as you need to keep track of the score and it is pretty hard while maintaining the high intensity of the workout.

It went like this: 3 rounds of

wall ball to a 10ft target (9/6kg)

SDHP 35/25kg

box jumps

push press (35/25kg)

row (calories)

1 minute rest

the aim was to complete as many reps as possible in the given time and then total amount of reps is your final score.


Well done to Wendy who is now sitting on a new PB of 2 strict pull ups;

Tom and Mikkel for over 300 score;

ladies for maintaing the great form throught the WOD;

and everybody else who made it in tonight and performed well.

See you in two weeks time!

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