Today’s Holiday Special WOD is…

27 Aug


5 rounds for time:

800m run

30 KB Swings (32/20kg)

30 Pull Ups

Good leaders know that you cannot ask your followers to do something that you wouldn’t do yourself. So this meant getting up at 7am this morning to be down the gym for 8am to start “EVA” at 8:15 in order to get her cracked before the first class at 9am. Bottom line, THE ENDURANCE CF WOD! Treat it as such, pacing is essential here, strapping my hands or shaving down my soft calluses would have changed my score drastically when it got to the final 2 rounds! Bad tears meant that  I could not stay on the bar for more than 5 pull ups at a time and no more than 2 in the final sets! Time: 39:19

Now for the masses! WODs in both classes started on the 00:15 having had a run through of the 800m route and workked their way through a small preperation circuit. Ths didn’t need to be anything too taxing as “EVA” is a notoriously long WOD therefore the warm up only needs to prep the major muscle groups being used and be able to open out the main joints!

With some words of advice from me i.e. NO UGLY SWINGS! 3,2,1…GO!

The guys and girls who turned up to brave this horrendous bank holiday WOD were told that they had 35 mins to complete 3 rounds in order to advance to 5 rounds, if they were unsuccessful with this time cap they were to complete the 3 rounds as fast as possible.

The only person who had to do this, didn’t even have to do this as he finished in 3 rounds in 34:00 however he got carf cramp and the room started  spinning, it later become apparent that this was mostly down to having 2 hours sleep from an overnight flight  from San Francisco and not having had any breaky! Great to have you training with us Roland!

I couldn’t believe the determination I could see from people to conquer the high rep pull ups on every round, through torn hands and empty lungs! Tom was determined to beat my time and knew not to cut corners on the movement standards as I would be sure to “no rep he’s ass!”.

I’m going to post the times below, do not judge these scores unless you have done “EVA” RX’d or as close to RX’d as possible!

Now this may seem a little bias but the big shout out today goes to Carolyn! She did “Eva” Rx’d!!!!! That’s shifting a 20kg kettlebell through a full range of motion American swing and 150 PULL UPS, unbanded!!! She showed great determination and it was great to see so many of you sticking around to help the others that hadn’t finished yet! Great community spirit! Look forward to seeing you all at theBBQ in the next couple of weeks and on that note, many of you at the TEAM TEST WOD’s thorughSeptember!!!!

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  1. I’ve been typing like a t-rex at my comp all day. Both hands ripped to shreds but glad I did it! No pullups tomorrow please!

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