Tom’s week @ CrossFit London UK

17 Aug

Monday moaning…

some nice casual Front Squat sets to wake us up! (7×3 @ 75%), not after some UBER strict PVC front squats to get our knees tracking properly!

We transferred this over nicely onto some C&J! Heavy tekkers with sets of 3!

our METCON? mwoahahahaha

ascending ladder of Pull Ups and 20m shuttle runs, 15 min AMRAP, BOOM!

Tuesday Night!

After what may seem like alot of technical work, it was great to spend some time perfecting really simple movements; Shoulder press (high volume), ring dips (technique & hover test!)


a nice ‘simple’ METCON:



Double Unders

Sit Ups

The challenge? to complete it in under 8 mins! 4  of you managed that! Which is bloody good work, double unders have to be efficient and you must have a strong, agile midline, as the “sit up nazi! that I am, no one was getting away with anything less than CrossFit Games worthy sit ups!


Same  attitude with the strength work as  Monday, we took our Deadlifts nice and chilled after some movement patterns with the bar. (6×5 @70%).

Our main focus this morning, ideally after Tuesday night’s easy tekkers sesh, warming up for “AMANDA”, next level “FRAN”! (if you can do “AMANDA” fast, your pretty much a God!

Everyone worked up to a perfect Snatch weight for the WOD! One that if they didn’t dedicate every muscle, tissue and bone in their body to completing each lift, they wouldn’t!

Seeing as no one in the class could do Muscle Ups off the high rings, we took the opportunity to use s little assist as possible to complete mini muscle ups!


Squat Snatch (Rxd 60/40kg)

Muscle Ups… SCHWACK!

Great work this week everyone, I’d like to send a big shout out to Gideon’s magic snatch, which is like a unicorn, you have heard legends about it but few have seen it! Unfortunately Gideon hasn’t learnt to control he’s Unicorn yet! I hope it happens soon, like before the season starts!


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