Transport Habits of Crossfit London users

09 Aug

It’s a socio economic fact that to run a successful studio like Crossfit  London, you probably need to understand the transport dynamics of the  membership.

To this end  various classes have been surveyed, observed , questioned and polled about their transport habits.We have recorded oral feedback, used our knowledge of our members habits as we watched them cycle off into the gloom or walked with them to the tube, We also conducted an online poll of our website users.

On our  class surveys

25% walked

25 % train or bus

50%  bike ( includes motorbikes: some  respondents went out of their way to cite “Boris Bikes”)

On our website  the open survey produced

walk 17%

Bike  34%

Tube (train) 46%

Bus 3%

This said on odd occasions, people do bring a car. They tended to be local people who had a local residents  badge entitling them to park outside. (For the record, we disapprove).

This obviously helps us as we look to establish our second branch.

There are secondary issues that we need to mention.

A Traffic Free London

I’m not sure which journalist started this, but they felt a “sea change “ happen during the Olympics. Obligingly Londoners, especially car user Londoners, steered clear of London during (most of) the olympics.

We had clear roads: more bikes: more runners, more walkers and a glimpse of a London not snarled up by traffic. Why should angry people sit in metal boxes snarling at others while causing asthma in the young.   Maybe  London should be “Selfish” traffic free. Whack up the congestion charges, up the parking charges, support public transport, promote biking running and walking and squeeze private  cars off the road. Perhaps crossfitters should lead the way?


Those who bike are better?

This is purely anecdotal, but I get the impression that those who bike have a substantial Crossfit advantage: maybe they simply “do “ work capacity everyday, but looking at the performance of Raurie, Katarina, Deborah, Tom, Alex, Trevor and Helen et al, you do wonder if a pootle  on the bike “ups” your Fran time.

So walk run and bike to our box: tube and Bus if you must, but, really,  junk the car

3 thoughts on “Transport Habits of Crossfit London users

  1. “Bike, run, swim, row, etc, hard and fast…”

    Completely agree – I’ve really enjoyed cycling around London during the Olympics. It certainly hasn’t felt as combative as it sometimes can. I’ve had a feeling that drivers have been a lot more considerate – perhaps that’s just my imagination or perhaps the fact that more bikes on the road have made this a necessity. Perhaps it’s the Wiggins / Hoy / Pendleton effect…

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