10 Aug
This Friday morning was personified by Rosie’s reaction to the WOD, SNATCH!
Embrace it people, especially on a a friday morning! Boom we love to Snatch!
However do to the challenging nature of the WOD:
(50 DU buy in
10 rounds ascending weight each round
1 power snatch followed immediately by 5 OH squat
50 DU cash out)
We decided to use the snatch element today for tekkers!
6×3 “heels down” snatch
We kept the weight light but with the rule that it had to be heavy enough that you couldn’t use the arms but still complete the movement without your heels coming off the floor!
Back squat AMRAP @ 75%
Now this was the real number cruncher, take a look at some of those numbers! Great effort guys!
…hmm so the WordPress app won’t let me upload the photo so your just going to have to imagine that they were sensational!
Hopefully see everyone at the summer london WOD tomorrow, if not just the BBQ!

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