WOD 16 Aug (AM)

16 Aug

Today’s session began with a quick question. Write on the whiteboard: your name and what the last meal you ate was. It serves us all well to remember that training is only part of the fitness puzzle. Nutrition is arguably a much bigger piece. A little food accountability this morning.


Warm up: perfect air squats, practise practise then 25 reps for time. Followed by burpee form.

Strength: back squat 8-8-8-8-8 (65%) and pull ups 5 sets of 3-7 reps (chest to bar, scaling as required)

Metcon: five rounds for time of 5 deadlift (125kg/85kg) and 10 burpees

Links and News and Things…

 Eggs yolks again – good or bad?

Olympics comedown: you’ve decided that you want to take up that ‘cool’ sport. Now what? The Guardian has some suggestions on how to go about it.




One thought on “WOD 16 Aug (AM)

  1. Good session Chris – just for the record we did the same workout 2011-10-09 and I did it in 5:05, this morning I did it in 8:15…. yeah progress! On course for 15mins this time next year, writing workouts down is great for self-flagellation 🙂

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