WOD 7 Aug (AM)

07 Aug


Warm up: snatch drills, handstand push ups and pistols

Strength: front squat WU sets and then as many as possible at 85% of working max, followed by snatch 4-4-4-4-4-4 (65%)

Metcon: 3 rounds for quality reps (not time) of 10 x handstand push ups, 10 x pistols, 10 x chest to bar pull ups (no kipping)

8am Foundations

Strength: overhead squat 5-5-5-5-5

Skill/strength: pull ups

Metcon: AMRAP in 15 minutes of 4 x handstand push ups, 6 pull ups and 8 pistols

Links and News and Things…

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You already know deadlifts are great. New study agrees with you and claims they are the most effective for lower back strength.

One thought on “WOD 7 Aug (AM)

  1. Thanks Chris – really enjoyed this morning’s session. It was good to go through the conditioning spreadsheet aswell, it was (and maybe still is!?) a bit of a mystery. Separately, I think the area that I would really like to do a bit of work on is managing facial expressions – definitely room for improvement!

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