WOD August 15th: Who needs shoulders anyway?

15 Aug

Today, as always, was a fun filled day.

On my list of skills was the Handstand Push Up. Believe it or not, now that I can actually move my arm a bit better, I quite like trying to get upside down and pressing my way out from there. But since I can’t do very many I always feel a bit cheated.

Enter part 1 of the class:

7 rounds

1 min HSPU (for quality)

1 min Pull ups (for reps)

This meant that not only do I get a little bit of work in on my HSPU, I get to do a lot of work on my strict pull up. (Plus, who doesn’t love pull ups!) The emphasis on the HSPU’s was quality, range of motion and technique. The aim was to accumulate perfect reps without hitting complete failure, and getting quality work in. That usually meant that people managed to do in the low single digits, which allowed them to rest and recover for the second minute, which was as many pull ups as possible in a minute.

It starts to suck pretty seriously around round 3.

Once that was finished, we moved on to some Power Snatch practice, and heavier Power Snatch.

Power Snatch 1-1-1-1-1 @ 90% 1RM

And just to make things more interesting, being able to control the weight in the overhead position was mandatory.

Finally, the WOD.

10 Min AMRAP

7 Push Jerk

7 Box Jump

A few weeks ago, I had another workout that used 7 reps. The general consensus was that 7 reps was just enough that you had to push to finish them, but not enough that you felt like you really needed to take a break. I liked that. It got me thinking about work output and scaling for Burner workouts. So I picked two movements that compliment each other well and went for it. It’s fun for the first two rounds, and then the suck kicks in.

Since everyone’s shoulders were fried from the HSPU, everyone tried to use their arms as little as possible on the push jerk so technique was more fluid then usual (good job) and the box jumps let you rest anyway. Plus, since the workout is a measly 10 minutes long, there really was no reason to stop doing work at any point. Which no one did.

Excellent job, see you all Thursday.

Arbitrary Awards:

“The Plate Stealer.” To The Gremlin. The Gremlin is that malicious force in the gym. He mushes the chalk into the mats. He leaves bands out. He generally behaves in a way that makes you roll your eyes and go, “Really dude?”. Today, he had a thing for hiding plates. (Bonus points to whomever comes up with the best Gremlin name in the comments.)

“They Grow Up So Fast.” To Ryan, Tim Hill and Mikkel. Screw you guys. You train hard. You move stupid heavy weight. You’re enthusiastic. You set the bar higher for the rest of us. Not only are you all leaving, you’re all doing it at the same time. (I can’t cope.) On a serious note: You’re all excellent athletes and upstanding individuals. It was a pleasure to train with you gentlemen.

“Class Clown” To the 7:30 Class. Some classes have the stoic disposition of a samurai about to try face down a dragon with a paring knife. On the other hand, some crack jokes like they get paid for it and leave everyone smiling. Thanks for keeping things fun guys.

“Float like a butterfly” To Kate. I was there for Kate’s first strict pull up. Now she’s benching out double digits like it’s no big deal. Or as she said yesterday, “That was like, more then I’ve ever done, ever, EVER!”. Gold Star.

2 thoughts on “WOD August 15th: Who needs shoulders anyway?

  1. I didn’t, like, realise I talk like a Valley girl. Like. This must be punished!

    Thanks for the fun class Phil – lots of interesting stuff to do, and all strictly coached. Me like. (argh!)

    Single plate thief, band leaver-upper, chalk musher … and mixer up of plates in the back room (my pet hate – though it’s been much better recently)
    A name? I thought of one, but I better use shift/alt

  2. Well done Kate, you awesome woman! 12!!!!

    To Mikkel, Ryan and Tim: it was nice to meet you – hope you come back soon!

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