WOD August 16th: A bit of a heavy day..

16 Aug

Today was a bit heavy. Everything fell on a strength lift, so everything we moved was in the higher end of the percent range.

The Strength portion was:

Back Squat: 8-8-8-8-8+ at 65% of working max

Which we worked out with our brand spanking new 1RM’s from last weekend. (Right?)

Then, experiment time!

Establish 1RM weighted pull up.

Pull ups 3-3-3-3-3-3-3+ at 75% 1RM

I tested a few different variations of this, and settled on 3 reps Every minute on the Minute. On the board, these look like scary numbers, but the work is a Zero/Sum. Either you can do it at the weight recommended or you can’t. I’ve tested a few different variations of this personally and I was curious to see how it transferred out to mainclass. Everyone did well and we had a few people surprise themselves with the weight they could pull.

Then off to the WOD!


5 Rounds

5 Deadlifts (75% 1RM Deadlift, Rx’d at 125KG)

10 Buprees

This was a 2008 Games workout with a record time of 2:23. (Yeah. No pressure.) The average time in the class was about 7 minutes which was impressive considering the weights involved. Rushing through the deadlifts wasn’t the best idea if they were on the higher end of your capabilities to avoid failing too quickly but damn if I didn’t float up on the burpees afterwards.

Until the 2008 games version, we did not have a burning hot black tarmac to do burpees on to “encourage” athletes to go faster. A possible future investment?

Excellent Job everyone and see you Saturday for WOD class and the Mobility Class!

Arbitrary Awards:

“The Daily Victor!” To Alex. A few of us did the workout as Rx’d today. In the evening class, both Alex and Mikkel went for it and managed to beat yours truly by a staggering 3 mins, BUT while Mikkel finished with a cool 4:32, Alex squeezed by with a whole :22 second lead to finish with a final time of 4:10, claiming the title of Daily Victor.

“Gluttons for Pull ups” To Tom C and Ryan. Because of “Moving Mindblowing amounts of weight” related issues, both these gentlemen decided that they would sub deadlifts for Weighted Pull ups. In addition to all of their previous weighted pull ups. And then Burpees.

“Ninja Girl Strikes Again!” To Rachel. Rachel is a bit scary. She can do all kinds of freaky things while hanging upside-down on a rope (like murder unsuspecting guards maybe?) but it also turns out that she can do weighted pull ups. With around 24KG. So you know, no pressure for the rest of us or anything. ..

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