WOD August 22: Abandon all hope..

22 Aug

No two ways about it. Today was tough.

First off: finding a benchmark for the Squat Clean! It’s important to have recent numbers on the big lifts, and the Olympic lifts are no exception. Especially considering the rate at which we see them right now.

In pairs: Establish a 2RM Squat Clean

Once everyone had a their 2RM worked out, we moved on to the lift of the day!

Squat Clean @ 80% of 2RM

3-3-3-3-3 (1:30 Mins rest between Reps.)

It’s important to remember that establishing the 2RM took it’s toll, so it was more important to be slightly conservative with weight and maintain the cleanest (HA!) form on the squat clean possible.

Once the Olympic lifts were out of the way, it was on to WOD prep and the WOD.


12 Min AMRAP

30 Double Unders

Max Strict Pull ups

3 Deadlifts (75-80% 1RM)

The more accurate your Deadlift, the more fun this workout was. Using Prelipins work as a guideline, if you were working in the 75% range, you should finish with about 6 rounds, and if you were working at 80%, you should finish with about 5 rounds. That’s based purely on the deadlift portion. Factoring in the skill needed to do double unders and pull ups on top of that, and the rounds might be a bit lower.

Basically, everything is fine till round 3. Sure the weight is heavy, but you can “rest” during the double unders, and the pull ups. Comparatively in any case. However, once you hit round 3, the deadlift weight catches up with you and the double unders become significantly more difficult. As per everyone’s swearing.

To finish off:

Tabata Ab work!

8 rounds. Pick your own poison.

Everyone was allowed to pick which ever horrible ab work they wanted. Sit ups, Knee to elbows, toes to bar, etc. Then a quick tabata later and voila. Done.

Excellent job to everyone and I’ll see you all Sunday.

Arbitrary Awards:

“The Return” To Arend, Stefan and Martin. Three faces I haven’t seen in a while. Welcome back gentlemen. I was very pleased to see that you haven’t lost your skills.

“The Manimal.” To Ben. When Ben hits his zone, watch out. He becomes an utterly focused 200 KG of work capacity. Beware anyone in the way. Lucky for us, we have the early warning system of the primal scream to let us know when to get out of the way.

“Most Stoic” To Ibaie. I like Ibaie. He never seems shaken. I’ve begun to thoroughly enjoy throwing number oddities at him to see if I can make him at least appear unnerved. No luck so far.

“Most improved Double Unders” To Adrienne and Chris. Someone has been practicing a shit ton (literal technical term that is.) I seem to remember double unders being an issue before I left, and now both Chris and Adrienne can blast through them like it’s no big deal. Well done.

4 thoughts on “WOD August 22: Abandon all hope..

    1. It’s the same as a Metric ton, it just seems significantly more impressive because of the volume it takes up.

  1. Didn’t actually find the deadlifts to be the problem (maybe my 1RM is higher than I think), but it was those damn pull ups that I had struggled with after frying my forearms on the double unders.

  2. Daayum what a WOD to miss – pretty much my favourite. The combo of DU’s and pullups is always a killer – last time I did it I felt like I’d been hammering nails into walls all day. Couldn’t even pick up a pen! 😀

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