WOD August 26th: Embrace the Fear Nausea

26 Aug

Today was a fairly easy day.

We started off with a 2RM overhead squat.

Overhead Squat 2-2-2-2-2

Because of the current strength cycle, the overhead squat is seeing a bit less frequency as a strength movement, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to get a recent working max.

The skill portion of the day was an oldie but goodie. I went digging around Gymnastics WOD and chatted with some of the other coaches and we went through a short but sweet Burpee refresher. The idea being to stay as efficient as possible in the burpee and to be able to use the hips to do more work then the legs.

Skill: Burpee refresher

Then after some WOD prep, it was off to the WOD.


5 Rounds 15 Minute Cut off

10 Power Cleans (M: +/- 50KG W: +/- 30KG)

10 Burpees

To be honest, this was a pretty horrible workout. 5 rounds sounds easy, and almost everyone (myself included) was able to finish the 1st round in a minute. But then Round 2 hits. The burpees start catching up with you and your legs are pretty much fried. So Round 2 takes a bit more time. Then it’s all downhill from there. We did have some excellent times though so well done to everyone.

We finished off with a quick set of:

Tabata Ring Dips

The emphasis was on quality. It was more important for athletes to complete fewer reps of higher quality form than to rush through aiming for maximum reps. We sometimes lose sight of quality of movement in our rush to get more reps or faster times. Everyone is capable of excellent quality work, and I aim to hold you to that high standard.

See you Wednesday.

Arbitrary Awards:

“Speed Demon” To Big Tom: Not only did Tom finish faster then anyone else today (6:59) he did it at 60KG. Well done sir.

“Best Pain Face” To Cian. During the hip prep portion of the class, Cian had the single best face I have ever seen. EVER. I plan on replicating it at some point and posting it for the enjoyment of everyone else.

“Goldilocks” To Kat. Because 30 KG is too easy, but 50 KG seems a bit excessive. Kat decided to go with 40 KG.

“Daily PB” To Kat and Sophia. During the Overhead squat portion today, both Kat and Sophia PB’d at 45KG. Well done.


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