WOD August 29th: Not sure if better, or worse..

29 Aug

Today, I walked into the gym with a WOD in my mind, and low and behold! Thanks to Carolyn, the morning’s WOD is on the board and looks just the right side of interesting.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

First off, we took care of

Front Squats.

Warm up as needed, then as many reps as possible at 90% of your working max. 

The main strength portion done, we took a quick look at and ran through all the progressions for a hollow rock.

Ab work: Hollow rock holds.

Then, we had to prepare for the WOD.

WOD: The “Chipper” Chipper.

50 Box Jumps

25 Ring Dips

30 Overhead Lunges (15/10kg)

30 Sit ups

30 Burpees

25 KB Swings (25/16kg)

50 Double Unders/150 Singles

If you were to create a list of all the things that Phil hates, this list would cover most of those. While I could power through some of these movements quickly, I had to grind out each individual box jump, overhead lunge and burpee on the list in agony. Really not my idea of a good time. I was much more thankful to Carolyn pre-WOD then I was post-WOD.

Excellent job to everyone, as EVERYONE finished before the allotted cutoff time. Very well done.

Arbitrary Awards:

“The Runner” To Chris. Chris came in hungry today. He finished the WOD in a blazing 9:49 which was the best time of the day. Brilliant job dude.

“The Hunters” To Adam and Samir. Adam and Samir spent the WOD chasing after Chris so aggressively part of me debated breaking out the riot shields. Very well done to both of you.

“Fastest Class” To the 6:30 Class. The 6:30 class had a whole 18 minutes to finish the workout and EVERYONE in it managed to finish the WOD in under 16 minutes. I was beaten by a WHOLE CLASS of people. Thanks for the motivation guys.

“Best PR” To Deborah. Deborah has been working hard. Case in point, during the Front squats, she benched out her previous 1RM for 5 Reps and didn’t even feel it. Gold star.

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