WOD August 8th: To Infinity… in 15 mins.

09 Aug

Remember: This weekend we’re doing the Crossfit Total to get some fresh numbers for the strength program. You may want to be fresh for it. Just saying.

Today was surprisingly characterized as “fun”.

We started off with the Strict Press,

Warm up as needed:

Strict Press: As Many Reps as Possible at 90% of working max.

Which looks much worse on paper then it actually is.

And then moved on to:

Clean and Jerk

6-6-6-6 @ 60% of 1RM C&J (2 minutes of rest between)

Which feels much worse then it looks on paper. I like that.

I highly recommended Power Cleaning for the C&J today, as the WOD was a bit squat heavy.


Amrap 15 minutes

1,2,3-> Infinity Squat Cleans (50%-70% 1RM)

30 Double Unders.

This looks really bad on paper. Infinity Squat Cleans? Tears of preemptive agony. But because the reps gradually increase, you can (almost) ease into it. Depending on how heavy you go it doesn’t even get too tough until you start hitting round 5 or 6. Going heavy meant that you tended to get gassed quickly and messed up your coordination for the double unders while going lighter meant that you could do more rounds but had to push a bit harder throughout.

I personally enjoyed the combination of two skilled based movements, because while I can normally string together double unders well enough, it becomes a bit more interesting after having squat cleaned a half a dozen times.

Excellent job to everyone

Arbitrary Awards:

“Buzz Lightyear”: To Kate, for being the only person to make the “To Infinity…and Beyond!” Joke of the DAY. Honorable mention to Nick, who was thinking it but didn’t voice it because he knows how seriously I take myself during class.

“Best Dressed” To Adam. Adam is the only person I’ve ever met who train in a collared shirt. (Considering how fast her can double under, I may need to try it out myself.) However, the collar was really sold tonight when coupled with his amazing new shiny weightlifting shoes.

“RIP Rope” To Yuri. You ever have that skipping rope that you just love? The only you learned to Double Under on and can string 30+ together with? Unfortunately, Yuri managed to burn through his with his amazing powers of badass (or friction. Whichever.) on the FIRST ROUND and had to mess around trying to readjust to a new rope mid workout.

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