WOD catch up…

05 Aug


Heavy tekkers session with:

5x 3 Power cleans @ 85%

5x 3 Power Snatch @85%

The hook grip and maintaining good body position when cycling the reps proved to be essential during these sets as they are required to be unbroken.

METCON wise, I nice Mono Structural blow out…

10 min AMRAP:

100M shuttle sprint (10x10m)

10 burpees

we polished the night off with 3 x ME strict pull up sets with an exact 1:00 rest between!



uber casual morning! Loved it!

Front squat 4×5 @ 77.5% of WM

Ring Dips max efforts x 3

then intervals, yuk!

5 rounds for time:

12 Push Press @50/35kg

10 box jumps

5 OH squats @ 50/35kg

rest 1:30

and finally FRIDAY MORNING…

well… Alex took it because I was too busy counting sheep! bloody phone alarms! Thanks again dude!

See you in the morning gang!



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