WOD Sunday August 12th: PB’s. PB’s Everywhere!

12 Aug

As announced, in an effort to get more accurate numbers for the workout scaling we’re currently using, today was the Crossfit Total.

1RM Strict Press

1RM Back Squat

1RM Deadlift.

Warm up was as needed, with 5 Attempts per lift. We had quite a few PB’s today and  constant bell ringing. Progress is being made!

The WOD was nice and “easy”


10 mins of Cindy.

5 pull ups

10 Push ups

15 air squats

Minumium Rounds:

Bands: 8 rounds

Strict Pull ups: 10 Rounds

Kipping Pull ups: 12 Rounds.

10 burpee penalty per missed round.

Since today’s Cindy was half the length of regular Cindy, it was an easy way to maintain a higher power output throughout. If you were able to maintain 1 round every minute on the minute, that means that you are very close to being able to hit 20 rounds or Cindy, which is an excellent score indeed.

Sidenote: There is a little known phenomena of molecular distortion created by athletes doing burpees. If you train long enough and pay very close attention, you can become attuned to these subtle variations in air currents. You can almost “sense”that someone is doing burpees in your general vicinity.

I felt a disticntive lack of Burpees Post WOD on Sunday.

Although granted, my sensitivity may be slightly off.

Just saying. 😛

On a serious note, please post your PB’s in the comments for tracking purposes, make a note of them, and use these recent numbers to base your strength training. If you PB’d on everything, you officially get the Arbitrary Award of “Fully Loaded”

Arbitrary Awards:

“Tough Love” To Colm and Sophia. Sometimes you need to encourage yourself in a lift. Apparently though, sometimes, you need to tell yourself that you suck and your performance is “fucking bullshit.” Way to self flagellate guys.

“Nothing to it” To Ryan, Kat, and Mark. Honestly guys. When you hit a new PB on your lifts, especially the Back Squat, can you at least TRY to make it look a little harder so the rest of us don’t feel quite so bad?

“Fuck it. PB’d” To Tommy (aka, Big Tom) Who pulled a gym setting record 240KG deadlift and the heaviest I have ever witnessed at 3x my bodyweight. Unfortunately there was a resulting shoulder twinge, to which we wish Tom a speedy recovery and future PB setting.

“Fully Loaded” To Anyone who PB’d on all three lifts. Congrates of being a badass. You’ve put in the work and it’s paid off in spades. Be proud of yourselves and stand a little taller.

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