WOD Sunday August 5: All about the Skills

05 Aug

Note: The 18th, Carolyn and I will be running a short Mobility Master Class. You’ve been fed little pieces to work on so far, but come give us an hour and we’ll help you hit those corners that are giving you problems.

Today was all about the skills.

We started off with muscle up practice and progressions on the rings, working on front levers, ring dips and false grips to get more and more people working through the muscle up transition, which is where almost everyone gets jammed.

Next up came pistols and all their progressions. And what progressions we had: Standing from boxes, down from boxes, with counterweights, with plates, with bands and rings.

You name it, if it had a progression, we probably did it this morning. And luckily for everyone, it played directly into the workout for today!

The WOD:

15 Min AMRAP

Max Strict Pull ups

12 Pistols (6/side)

12 Hand Release Push ups.

Pistols are coming up more and more in Games type workouts but we don’t get enough routine practice because people aren’t always comfortable with them. They require a good mix of skill, strength and technique, and frankly, they’re hard as hell to do well. Hence, why you’ll see them more. While the pistols were the skill I most wanted to have people work on, the Max pull up variable in there was a good way to keep people moving pretty quickly throughout the whole workout.

I was quite happy with everyone’s performance today, gold star.

See you Wednesday!

Arbitrary Awards:

“The Lethal Ladies” To the ladies of Sunday morning. Whether it was full range pistols with a kettlebell (Adrienne), full range with minimal help from a band (Kat, Abby, Veronika) or straight off of two 20KG plates (Deborah) the ladies this morning have some pretty serious looking pistols. (Insert as many “check out these guns” jokes as possible.)

“The Unbendables” To Mikkel and Tom. In diligent and serious crossfitter form, these two gentlemen showed up early to do some mobility prep for the workout. Unfortunately for them, I take great pleasure in being a super friend and using bands and all manner of suggestion to make things bend in ways that people didn’t know they could.

“The Hawthorne” To Ben. Ben is hilarious. He works hard and he can move more weight then most motor vehicles. Today I just happened to look over every time he was catching his breath and kept giving him a look for it. Poor Guy.

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