Tom’s weekly round up…

30 Sep

On  Monday we had quite the kick start to the week with “12.1” as the WOD:

7 min AMRAP of:

Burpees (w 6″ target above reach)

We just about managed to construct a structure tall enough to give Alex a target!


Tuesday night saw what resembled a typical OUTLAW WAY lay out so I was in my zone, squat cleans and snatch balances with a solid semi technical AMRAP involving handstand push ups! We also had Sarah Jane Hawley from Outlaw come and visit us whilst on her work trip. She provided an excellent for our female clients on the Olympic Lifts and her use of the kipping handstand push up, a real treat for our girls!


Some special things happened with my 1 on 1 clients during the week that I have already written about but continuing with the classes. Friday morning really enabled me to unleash my WOD programming skills! “Heavy Cindy” anyone!? 15 min AMRAP: 5 chest to bar pull ups, 10 ring dips and wait for it…15 Front Squats at 50/35kg mwohahahaha. Having Ruiari in the class was great to see how one of our more experienced members dealt with this workout! What can I say, he didn’t disappoint; experience prevailed as he took it steady from the start  and just tried to keep each set unbroken or break it down to as little sets as possible.

We also had Shawn join us for he’s first main class WOD, I think he was a little surprised at how keen I was for him to add weight and really feel what CrossFit is all about, not just the ability to move quickly but also move load!


Onto Saturday morning Firebreathers, mother of God!

We started off with a mock up of the CrossFit Games Regional Snatch Ladder:

Over 15 minutes build up to heaviest possible Snatch by performing 20 double unders then 1 successful Snatch (any kind) in 1:30. After each successful Snatch we had to increase our weight for the next Snatch attempt on the next 1:30.

PB’s were being performed left right and center! You had to compose yourself after the double unders to make sure you got the lift on the first attempt because you would be rushed to get a second!



9,7,5 reps for time:

Muscle Ups

Squat Snatch (60/40kg)

As always, I’ll let the guys give the low down on this! All I’ll say is that I did not stop smiling until 1030am!

WOD Sunday Sept 30th: Open Strength Session

30 Sep

Today was an experiment: An Open Strength Session.

Maybe there’s a particular skill that you want to practice. Maybe there’s a lift you’ve missed and want to focus on, or maybe you just want to try for that 1RM PR that you feel is close, then the open strength sessions are for you. We’re aiming to give you guys a bit more freedom to pick the skills, strengths and weaknesses that you want to work on.

That does mean that you’ll need to put a bit more thought into what you’re doing though. You should arrive to Sunday WOD class knowing what you want to work on, lest I “volunteer” you to practice a certain skill until you loath it.

In all seriousness, if you aren’t sure what to work on, or how to work on it, you email a coach and ask. You need something for the long term, not just one session, and letting us know what you need lets us program for long term progress.

Rest assured, I will still have a workout waiting for you!

Today’s WOD comes from Crossfit New England.


1 min AMRAP Thrusters 42.5/30KG

2 mins rest

10 min AMRAP

5 Pull ups

10 Power Cleans

15 Double Unders.

Thrusters, Olympic lifts, pull ups and double unders. With everything done at Fran weight. What’s not to love?

Most of it, actually. Starting off with thrusters isn’t particularly enjoyable, but luckily it was the only overhead portion of the workout, which meant that once that was done it was easy to power through for the remaining time. Since it’s only 10 minutes of work, following a whole 2 minutes of rest, there wasn’t really a need to take any breaks during the workout.

Big thank you to everyone who came and helped me test this Sunday’s Strength session, remember to email me with any feedback you might have and I will see you all on Wednesday.

Sunday 30th Rope and Aerial Conditioning

30 Sep

Afternoon all!

My first blog, be kind!!!

So Sunday Rope and aerial conditioning is shaping up to be an interesting class, once everyone has learnt to understand my northern pronunciation of ‘rope’ we are really flying, literally in some cases. There now seems to be a group of regulars coming and new faces each week, we are building up a solid repertoire of moves and conditioning exercises, some of which are fun, and others just plain mean. Meat hooks being our current killer, as the name might suggest.

Currently focusing on pike, straddles, grip strength and one arm hangs. Then over on the ropes we have 3/4 different climbs on the go and hiplocks, front balances and flags all beginning to work really well. (Want to know what a hip lock is….you’ll have to come to class!)


Great work from everyone today, with Cian being thrown in the deep end, Tom mastering the ninja climb and general front balance success all round. Good work everyone.

If your interested in joining the class make sure you wear something that covers the back of your knees.

I will post some pictures on the facebook group from today’s session.







Saturday 29/9

29 Sep

We’re still super subbing for Colin as he enjoys he’s well earned time off! It was my turn to teach again this week and after a very successful “fire breathers” class, I was psyched to coach the guys through a similar workout to the one we had just completed!

Back squat 7×3 @75%

For time:
Run 400m
9,7,5 reps of:
Muscle Ups (from knees)
Hang squat snatch (42.5/30kg)
Run 400m

Great to see some new faces that are hopefully going to stay with us for a while!

Friday 28th September (pm)

29 Sep

What a better start to the weekend than Friday evening at Crossfit London.

We have kicked off with  5×2 ring dip strength practice. Who had multiple ring dips was allowed to add some weight on and who was lacking ring dips had to practice the lowering phase (all the way down when armpits touched the rings, hold it for few seconds) and then drop off.

Some impressive weights but see for yourself in results.

Then on to 5×3 clean and jerk (80% 1RM).

WOD 15min cut off time

50 double unders/25 tuck jumps to buy in

then onto 3-6-9-12-9-6-3

ring dips

front squats

pull ups

50 double unders/25 tuck jumps to cash out


Well done all tonight especially Tom for blasting time in the WOD and our visiting brothers Dennis and Daniel. Daniel has just moved to London (good luck with job hunting and hope to see you soon again) and Dennis came to visit him.

Great picture where I’m obviously half asleep…

See you all next week!


Friday 28/9 (am)

28 Sep

Maybe I wasn’t the only one from our gym that should have gone to the cycle awareness day, huh Rosie and Ruiari!?

Here’s what we covered in this morning’s class:

-Clean & Jerk 5×3 @ 80% (heavy tekkers)

-Ring dip virtuosity (using a kip to lock the arms out on the way up)

– “Heavy Cindy”

15 min AMRAP

5 chest to bar pull ups

10 ring dips

15 Front Squats @ 50/35kg

Ruiari smashed 6 rounds!! Holy Moley! What’s more, Shawn joined us on he’s first main class and after some bullying from me, did the WOD Rx’d! Well done you!

Thursday 27th September (pm)

28 Sep


Split jerk 5×3 the focus was on the main part of the movement and that is getting directly under the bar – without jumping forwards – fast. Great improvements from Debbie and Matt as this was the first time they got to practice split jerk since the beginners class. Also great work to our newcomer Andreas.

Then it was on tabata hand-release press ups.

WOD: 21-15-9



6.30 & 7.30

Press 6×5 (70% of you working 1RM)

Power snatch 5×3 (85% 1RM)

Then the new ‘anger relief’ practice – slam ball, which actually made more people even angrier. Bit of practice followed by a deadly slam ball tabata.






Well done all especially Alex who smashed the WOD Rx’d and see you next week!


WOD September 26: Glute Death!

26 Sep

Apologies for the late post. I just haven’t seemed to be at home long enough this week to put this up. 

Today was death to glutes day. The glutes are nice most of the time, but once in a while, you just need to show them who’s boss.

With that in mind, we started the day of with a lovely few sets of front squats:

Front Squat: 5 sets of 8 @ 65% of WM

Once that was over, we moved on to some brutal double under practice

Tabata double unders, 3 mins warm up 8 round tabata work= double rest = single

Then we moved on to the “weird movement of the month”: the single leg KB deadlift.

This goes back to some work we had done last year involving unilateral and contralateral movements. In theory the movement is simple:

Place kettlebell next to foot.

Reach down with opposite hand.

Lift kettlebell while keeping opposing leg extended behind you.

Very simple.

So once we figured out how to do the movement, we had 10 mins to work up to a heavy 3 reps, while throwing some mountain climbers in between attempts to prep for the workout.

WOD 10 min AMRAP

10 KB Deadlift (5/side)
20 mountain climbers

Rest 2 mins
1 min on
1 min off

The workout was a bit brutal, if you went too heavy, because there was a big tendency to let your body relax too much mid movement, which led to loss of balance, which was a failed rep. Problem is, if you went light enough, you were hammered by switching between the Deadlifts and the mountain climbers for 10 minutes.

Then, just to top it all off, to help prepare for the 50 Burpees in 2:30 Challenge, we had 2 minutes of rest, followed by 1 min on, 1 min off of max burpees.

Apparently, everything was fine, up until that last part..

Very well done to everyone on the new movements and the burpees, I’ll see you all Sunday.

Noodles and Konjak…….

26 Sep

This is  a press release, but its interesting…….


A new type of noodle is close to selling out just a week after being launched in the UK – and is being heralded as THE low-fat food to transform our pre-Christmas diets.

Japanese ZERO NOODLES are made of 96% water and 3.8% Konjak, a root vegetable renowned for its appetite suppressing qualities.

The zero-carb, zero-fat, zero-sugar, zero-gluten and virtually calorie free noodles have taken the US, Australia, New Zealand and Europe by storm…and are all set to do the same here in the UK.

Each pack of ZERO NOODLES contains just 10 calories and offers a simple, zero-fat replacement for pasta, rice or regular noodles.  The noodles come ready to eat in 3-5 minutes and are neutral in taste, making them easy to incorporate into people’s favourite dishes and lifestyles.

Laura Lamont of Glow Nutrition, makers of ZERO NOODLES, explained why they are so popular among dieters: “ZERO NOODLES’ main ingredient, besides water, is Konjak, a root vegetable largely made up of Glucommanan.  Scientific research has shown that this ingredient stabilizes blood sugar levels and prevents hunger pangs and over-eating.  It also further helps weight loss by binding with fat which stops it being absorbed by the body.”

Laura continues:  “Replace your usual carbs with ZERO NOODLES on a regular basis and you will dramatically reduce your calorie intake – while still enjoying a tasty and satisfying meal.”

High street health food retailer Holland & Barrett said they trialled ZERO NOODLES in selected stores but demand has been so high they have now rolled them out to 700 stores nationwide.

But Holland & Barrett’s nutritionist Kate Butler was keen to point out that although ZERO NOODLES are a potential carbohydrate replacement, they are not advisable as a full meal replacement. Kate said: “Those wanting to diet sensibly need to ensure they are getting adequate nutrition from a sensible portion of protein and/or vegetables, eaten alongside the ZERO NOODLES.”

Each 200g pack of ZERO NOODLES contains Konnyaku Glucomannan Flour (3.8%), Food Grade Calcium Hydroxide (0.2%), and Water (96%).

ZERO NOODLES are available now from Holland & Barrett stores nationwide and online priced at £1.99 for a 200g pack.”

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