Friday 28th September (pm)

29 Sep

What a better start to the weekend than Friday evening at Crossfit London.

We have kicked off with  5×2 ring dip strength practice. Who had multiple ring dips was allowed to add some weight on and who was lacking ring dips had to practice the lowering phase (all the way down when armpits touched the rings, hold it for few seconds) and then drop off.

Some impressive weights but see for yourself in results.

Then on to 5×3 clean and jerk (80% 1RM).

WOD 15min cut off time

50 double unders/25 tuck jumps to buy in

then onto 3-6-9-12-9-6-3

ring dips

front squats

pull ups

50 double unders/25 tuck jumps to cash out


Well done all tonight especially Tom for blasting time in the WOD and our visiting brothers Dennis and Daniel. Daniel has just moved to London (good luck with job hunting and hope to see you soon again) and Dennis came to visit him.

Great picture where I’m obviously half asleep…

See you all next week!


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